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Our services


Physical examination for pets from head to toe, For cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, sugar gliders, rabbits, and more.


Immunization against viruses for cats and dogs; such as annual vaccines, Kennel Cough Vaccine and Rabies vaccine.


Surgeries at Tails Veterinary Centre is advanced, safe, and closely monitored! Our veterinarians are highly trained and experienced in performing a wide variety of surgeries, ranging from complex to routine.

We perform spays and neuters, mass removals, kidney stones, gastrointestinal foreign body removalear hematoma, soft tissue and orthopedics surgeries. And more complicated surgeries.

Medical Boarding

Our top priority to keep the pet under intensive care and close monitoring. Boarding at Tails Veterinary Centre is either for Isolation such as Canine parvovirus (CPV), Ringworm and Flu; or Hospitalization such as Post-Surgery, Critical care, Wound treatment, and other needs for observation.


Early detection is important to get a closer look into your pet's health by catching diseases and conditions. Tails Veterinary Centre, point of care, are able to run preventative tests and diagnostic tests to get to the root of the problem. Such as Complete Blood Count blood test (CBC test), Chemistry Blood Test, an array of Culture and Cytology tests such as ringworm culture, stool culture, blood culture, urine culture, ear cytology, skin cytology, and other tests. 


Dental health care is vitally important for your pet, and you can get advice, support, and treatment as required for your pet’s teeth, starting from dental scaling to tooth extractions.


Tails Veterinary Centre is equipped with radiograph equipment to perform X-ray images to provide valuable insight into your pet's internal health, assessing bones and organs for potential issues or diseases. X-rays are often used to diagnose broken bones, chests infection and tumors.


Tails Veterinary Centre is equipped with ultrasound examinations for internal organ evaluation using high-frequency sound waves to create images (live image) of soft tissues, such as muscles, organs, and blood vessels, including abdominal, reproductive, and heart organs, which are well-tolerated by most pets.


We provide a variety of medications, treatments, and preventive plans for your pets' as per their needs for their health and wellness. 

Home visits

We provide a variety of services for home visits with an additional fee.


We are available for pet medical emergencies after working hours. To contact us please call +973 77113334

Pick up / Drop off 

Unavailable now , coming soon.